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Hacker News

The new and upgraded Framework Laptop (+1511)

Vangelis has died (+726)

Tell HN: The loneliness of a pretty good developer (+478)

Render mathematical expressions in Markdown On GitHub (+414)

Department of Justice announces new policy for charging cases under the CFAA (+389)

Cockpit Project (+242)

New York rolling out noise law, listening tech for souped-up speedsters (+231)

Engineer turns plastic into bricks that are reportedly stronger than concrete (+194)

RIP Good Times (2008) (+192)

Google open sourced PSP (hardware cryptographic offload) (+133)


Report: Elon Musk exposed himself to SpaceX flight attendant, according to documents (+43038)

Florida man gets life in prison for traveling to Vietnam to sexually abuse minors (+33443)

Spain to allow girls over 16 to opt for abortions without parental consent (+42004)

Illinois man convicted of giving son rifle he used to kill 4 (+9787)

Unarmed 13-Year-Old Shot By Chicago Cops During Foot Chase On West Side (+3206)

Hate crime charges announced against man accused of plotting shooting in Georgia (+13814)

Just before Buffalo shooting, 15 users signed into suspect’s chatroom, says person familiar with review (+1372)

Rents in the US just hit another record high (+1309)

New York Supreme Court ruling reinstates law banning police officers from using chokeholds during arrests (+636)

‘This can’t be real’: Grubhub promotion turns New York City restaurants into a ‘war zone’ | New York (+35038)


All the seniors left and manager expects me to pick up the slack (+1085)

IT admin gets 7 years for wiping his company's servers to prove a point (+500)

Microsoft virtual training days: free 2 day Azure Fundamentals training + AZ-900 certification (+65)

HPE Support is hot garbage. (+81)

Out-of-band updates have been released for KB5014754 issues (+37)


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Daring Fireball

The Information: ‘The Inside Story of Why Apple Bet Big on a Mixed-Reality Headset’ – From the first of a two-part report for The Information by Wayne Ma (paywalled, alas): Rockwell, Meier and Rothkopf soon encountered pushba…

Markdoc – I’ve long heard from friends that Stripe’s developer documentation is not just excellent, but perhaps the best developer documentation in t…

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Research Paper on the Potential for iPhone Malware That Runs in Low Power Mode – Bruce Schneier: The research is fascinating, but the attack isn’t really feasible. It requires a jailbroken phone, which is hard to pull of…

Apple Responds to ‘Final Cut Pro in TV and Film’ Open Letter – Apple, responding to last month’s open letter from industry professionals concerned about Final Cut Pro’s also-ran status in Hollywood prod…